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25th June
Presentation of the festival to the media, guests
public in general.
Screening of the documentary Cinecittà Babilonia, with the attendance of the director Marco Spagnoli, Ester de Miro D’Ajeta, Film History Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy and producer Claudio Gabriele who will talk about the relevance of Michelangelo Antonioni.
Opening dinner (by invitation)
Restaurant Miramar de Giuliano, Avenida Mateo Bosch 18, Puerto de Andratx
26th June
10:00 – 14:00
Screening of 4 Italian and Spanish opera prima aimed for both markets, respectively.

Feather ,

Roan Johnson
The habit of

beauty ,

Mirko Pincelli

Selfie ,

Victor García León
Can’t say goodbye, Lino Escalera
Networking lunch – Spanish & Italian distributors
Restaurant Talú, Carrer Blanquerna, 36
Tribute to Edoardo Leo
Press meeting After, screening of The legendary Giulia and other miracles with the attendance of the director and actor Edoardo Leo
Gala dinner (by invitation)
Club Náutico, Plaza de San Pedro 1
27th June
10:00 – 14:00
Screening of 4 Italian and Spanish opera prima aimed for both markets, respectively.
I was a dreamer, Michele Vannucci
Ho amici in


, Fabrizio Maria Cortese
Sister of mine, Pedro Aguilera

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Marga Meliá
Venue: Cineciutat
Roundtable – Incentives and subsidies available for Italy-Spain coproductions.
Institutional Meeting with delegates from both countries to debate around the existing coproduction agreements, the different tools and funds available and the ways in which new tools could be put in motion to enable a better access. All, with the objective of laying the foundations to promote and encourage coproduction between Spain & Italy.
Federica D’Urso, Italian Ministry of Culture
Chiara Fortuna de Ibermedia Italy
Enrico Bufalini, Cinecittà Luce
Roberto Stabile, Anica
Francesco Siciliani, Roma Lazio Film Commission
Guadalupe Melgosa and María Maldonado, ICAA
Piluca Querol, Andalucía Film Commission
Ramon Colom, Fapae
Announcement of the 2016 New Talents Award winners and the 2017 call for submissions.
“We are the Future”, a great European selection of young talents in the categories of filmmaking and script “open to young talents from the 27 countries of the European Union. The award is financed by the Miff Foundation and the Italian Ministry of Culture.( –
Venue: Hotel Saratoga, Room Ibiza
Lunch (by invitation) Restaurant Nimo’s, Carrer del Bisbe Pere de Puigdorfila, 10.