Ci vuole un fisico, Alessandro Tamburini

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An insecure and ugly boy; a lively and determined girl; a long night of adventures that will lead them to know each other and finally fall in love. These are the main ingredients of “It takes a physique”. Alessandro and Anna know each other by chance. Both would have a gallant appointment in a nice restaurant in the center, but both receive a hole from their partner. And so fate makes them meet. In the beginning Alexander can not stand that girl whom he considers ugly and intrusive. But during the night he will have the chance to get to know her better and maybe even better know himself. That long night will be dotted with events and daring meetings and so between fights, wild dances, night-time baths and other adventurous situations, the two protagonists will make their journey of growth that will take them at dawn to deal with their past. Alessandro will be confronted with Francesca, the girl he has always been in love with, for Anna the confession of a great change. And when the sun rises on the city, those two boys will not be the same but will find themselves older, more mature and more in love.