“Il Figlio Sospeso”, Egidio Termine

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The protagonist of the story loses his father Anturio at the age of only two years. The mother, Giacinta, makes sure that the memory, already faded of her father, is completely erased from her son’s memory, depriving him of stories and photographs concerning Anturio. The young Lauro grows with a paternal image modeled on his needs and therefore falsified in his objective affectivity. An event upsets the normal course of his daily life made of fears and uncertainties: he finds a clue that leads him to believe that his father had had a relationship in Sicily from which a child was born. The thirst for truth pushes him on the roads of a “journey” in search of a brother, but what he will discover will affect him personally. Little by little the truth becomes space and emerges in its drama, but also in its liberating power.