Los amores cobardes, Carmen Blanco

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Running time: 96 min.
Country: Spain
Spain Director: Carmen Blanco
Screenwriter: Carmen Blanco
Music: McEnroe
Cinematography: Jacobo Herrero
Cast: Blanca Parés, Ignacio Montes, Anna Coll Miller, Tusti de las Heras, Agustín Otón, David Mora
Producer: Abismo Films
Genre: Drama | Romantic Drama. Friendship
Awards 2018: Alicante Spanish Film Festival: Best Direction: Carmen Blanco, Cr
Official Site: http://losamorescobardes.com

Synopsis / Plot

Eva is a young, strong and independent girl who travels back to her hometown to spend her summer holidays. What Eva wasn’t expecting is to meet again with Rubén, who used to be her best friend until one day he decided to cut off contact. Without giving any explanation. No farewell. Eva is hurt. The wound remains open six years later. The youngster will have to reconsider to give a second chance to a repentant Rubén who wants her back. Eva will be forced to relive her past, adolescence, fears and her intense chemistry with Rubén.