Peggio per me, Riccardo Camilli

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Directed by: Riccardo Camilli
Cast: Riccardo Camilli, Claudio Camilli, Tania Angelosanto
Production: Riccardo Camilli and McFly
Rome, 1986 … Francesco and Carlo, two twelve-year-old classmates, instead of doing their homework, are grappling with tape players creating amusing “audioremix” of television commercials and films for adults … they laugh out loud, until Carlo’s mother, furious, interrupts them and separates them abruptly. 30 years later, Francesco is a forty-two who tried to build a normal, serene life, but in a few months he collapsed on him: his wife left him and he was forced to return to his mother, his 12-year-old daughter he sees himself as a loser and immature, plus he is fired from his position as a support teacher and his friend Carlo, depressed for years, who lives barricaded at home with his mother, has old grudges against him. His whole life seems to have gone to pieces and Francesco feels he no longer makes the difference for anyone in the world. While in the car, listening to one of his old music cassettes where he plays the DJ with Carlo, in a moment of total despondency, he stands near a bridge in the countryside. He is about to perform the most extreme and desperate of gestures … but while he is climbing over the bridge, the voice of a child coming from far away stops him just in time. Terrified, Francesco, goes to his car. But there’s nobody in the car …