SCONNESSI, Christian Marazziti

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Ettore (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), well-known writer, guru of the analogue and public enemy of the Internet, on the occasion of his birthday brings the whole family to his chalet in the mountains, and tries to finally create a bond between his two sons, Claudio (Eugenio Franceschini), an online poker player, and Giulio (Lorenzo Zurzolo), nerd and introvert high school student, with his second wife, the beautiful, young and a little ‘naive’ Margherita (Carolina Crescentini), pregnant in the seventh month. The group is joined by Achille (Ricky Memphis), a half-brother of Margherita just kicked out of his wife’s house, and Tea (Giulia Elettra Gorietti), a young fiancée of Claudio and a devoted fan of Ettore. Once in the chalet, they find Olga (Antonia Liskova), the very reliable Ukrainian nanny, with her daughter Stella (Benedetta Porcaroli), an adolescent dependent on social networks. Surprise also comes Palmiro (Stefano Fresi), the bipolar brother of Margherita and Achille, who escaped from the nursing home. When the group suddenly remains without an internet connection, everyone becomes panicked … and the consequences will be rocambole. The secrets and convictions of the protagonists will soon be overturned, the “disconnection” will put them in front of all their insecurities and will have to reset and restart.