Una Domenica Notte, Giuseppe Marco Albano

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Directed by: Giuseppe Marco Albano
Cast: Antonio Andrisani, Francesca Faiella, Ernesto Mahieux, Adolfo Margiotta, Anna Ferruzzo, Claudia Zanella
Production: Camarda Film
Antonio Colucci, as a boy, dreamed of becoming a great horror director, and he promised well. The first feature film reaches 26 years: for all it is a talent, but the productive travails relegate it to the home video market and the film only comes out in Germany. Then the marriage, a child and everyday life block him in his provincial town. Now 46 years old, Antonio is determined to make an account of his life: the dream has never died out, it’s still there kicking. Determined to seek funds to shoot a low budget script, he will discover the horror surrounding him, much more impressive than the horror film he wants to make …