June 23rd
6.00 pm

Press conference:

Festival Presentation

and then
at 9.30 pm
Gala dinner


23/24/25/26 June
9.00 am to 1.00 pm
Presentation of the first and second Italian works destined to the Spanish market and of the first and second Spanish works dedicated to the Italian market; 6 Italian films and 6 Spanish films.
June 23rd
Carrer de l’Emperadriu Eugenia n. 6, de Palma de Mallorca
6.00 pm
Homage to Ines Paris
Meeting/interview with Ines Paris 
and the protagonist of her movie 
"La noche que mi madre mato'a mi padre" 
Belen Rueda.

At the end of the interview, 
there will be a screening of the film 
"La noche que mi madre mato 'a mi padre" 
and meeting with the public.
Gala dinner at 9.00 pm
La Mia Via Restaurant
Av. Mateo Bosch, 24, 07157 Port d’Andratx, Illes Balears
June 23rd
1.00 pm

“Il figlio sospeso/El hijo incierto”,
E. Termine, 
Mediterranea Prod.

2.30 pm

“Ci vuole un fisico”,
Alessandro Tamburini, 
CSC Production


June 24th
9.00 am

Lorenzo Giovenga 

11.00 am

Christian Marazziti, 
Camaleo Produzioni 

11.00 am

“Reina de tapas”, 
Elena Martinez/Ezekiel Montes


June 25th 
9.00 am

“Psiconautas y los niños olvidados”,
Carlos Juarez 

11.00 am

“Los Amores cobardes”,
Carmen Blanco

11.00 am

“Rota n ‘roll”,
Daniel Mendez


June 26th 
9.00 am

“Una domenica notte”, 
Giuseppe Marco Albano,
Camarda Film 

11.00 am

Ezekiel Montes 

11.00 am
“Contigo no, bicho”,
Daniel Ortiz 

11.00 am

“Peggio per me”,
Riccardo Camilli, 
Lulifilm Distribution 
Spanish titles:
Reina de tapas”, Daniel Diosdado
"Los Amores cobardes", Carmen Blanco
“Psiconautas y los niños olvidados”, Carlos Juarez 
“Rota n ‘roll” Daniel Mendez 
“Akemarropa”,  F.J Arranz
“Contigo no, bichos”,  Daniel Ortiz 
Italian titles:
Peggio per me”, Riccardo Camilli
Una domenica notte”, Giuseppe Marco Albano
“Sconnessi”, Christian Marazziti
“Il figlio sospeso/El hijo incierto”, E. Termine
“Daitona”, Lorenzo Giovenga
“Ci vuole un fisico”, Alessandro Tamburini


June 24th/25th 

10.00 am
CEF School Of image and sound
Carrer de les Parellades, 6, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears
Master Class of direction, screenplay, acting with the participation of Paolo Genovese, Ines Paris, Rolando Ravello and Belen Rueda with the participation of the students of the cinema school of Mallorca “CEF” and via Skype with the students of the University Cinema Course ‘La Sapienza of Rome, of the Experimental Center of Cinematography of Rome, of the School of Cinema of Barcelona, of the School of Cinema of Madrid and of that of Malaga.

June 24th

6.00 pm
Carrer de l’Emperadriu Eugenia n.6, de Palma de Mallorca
Homage to Paolo Genovese,

Meeting / interview with the director and screenwriter Rolando Ravello.
At the end of the preview screening for Spain of the film

"The Place",

by Paolo Genovese
with Valerio Mastrandrea, Giulia Lazzarini, Marco Giallini

At the end
9.00 pm
Gala dinner

Av. Mateo Bosch, 18 D, Port d'Andratx, Illes Balears


June 24th

2.00 pm
CEF School Of image and sound
Carrer de les Parellades, 6, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears



MIBACT-ICAA Bilateral Meeting, with the participation of Cinecittò and Film Commission Rome/Lazio, Lucana Film Commission in the presence of Italian and Spanish producers to talk about Italian and Spanish incentives for co-productions and Lazio region funding for co-production
Filming in Magnificent Italy “
Video screening:
Description of the incentives that the Italian audiovisual system offers to those who work in our country, both in a coproduction regime, or simply using an Italian executive producer. Presentation of the project of the Basilicata Region “Green shooting” on the production model with zero environmental impact.Description of state, regional funds, tax credit, product placement, services of the various Film Commissions, Ice audiovisual desk activities, etc.
The subjects present in this initiative are:


Roma/Lazio Film Commission

Lucania Film Commission

Cinecittà Luce

Rai Cinema
Ministero della Cultura Spagnolo

GreenCiak © “green screen to green living”
is the protocol conceived and promoted by Cremonesi Consulenze; is the first Italian company that since 1992 operates in the energy field with particular attention to the responsible use of energy and sustainable development.
Its objective is to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions not only during the creation of the cinematographic and television product but also through the “placement” of messages and actions with a strong social value, oriented towards respect for the environment, which, they will inspire conscious and responsible changes in the spectators.
Following LOG TO GREEN MOVIE AWARD: award of the prize set up by the journal “Log to Green, assigned annually to the films, chosen from those presented at the Festival that best express the values of eco-sustainability and social responsibility;


Cena di Gala at 9.00 pm

at El Chiringuito/Palma Beach

Carrer de Miquel Pellisa, 1, 07610 Palma, Illes Balears


June 26th

12.00 am
at  CEF School Of image and sound
Carrer de les Parellades, 6, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears
Awarding of the winners of the international competition for young talents “Siamo il Futuro” A GREAT EUROPEAN SELECTION OF YOUNG TALENTS IN THE SCREENING AND DIRECTORS ‘SECTOR aimed at young people in the 27 countries of the European Union. The winning screenplay will be presented together with the winning director with the funds available from the Film Festival Foundation of Palma de Mallorca and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (miffilmfestival.com – abilisacp.eu)
GALA DINNER at 9.00 pm

Casa Manolo ses salines restaurant

Plaza San Bartolomeu 2, 07640 Ses Salines, Maiorca