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Contigo No, Bicho!

HISTORY The film “Contigo No, Bicho” arises as a result of a YouTube video that went viral and that reached 7M of viewers and more than 200,000 followers on Facebook. The protagonist gives pumpkins a girl who tries to flirt and hence the famous phrase “Contigo No, Bicho”, a sequence that we will see again, but this time … on the big screen! SYNOPSIS Víctor, Rubio, Charly, and Berni are four colleagues from the institute who only think about aunts and video games. When Victor manages to deflower, the other three decide to change their luck. They are going to leave a weekend, with

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Rota n’ Roll, Daniel Mendez

In the mid-twentieth century, Rota was a small fishing and farming town in the Spanish province of Cadiz right at the gates of the Mediterranean Sea. General Franco was ruling with an iron fist and his country, impoverished and cut off of the rest of the world. But one day, 8,000 American marines and service members docked on the bay and started to build a giant naval base, occupying land and sea. Fishing and agriculture was over in Rota and everything started to be different from the rest of the country. Americans brought dollars, Levi’s, Marlboros, Harleys, Rock n’ Roll

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SCONNESSI, Christian Marazziti

Ettore (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), well-known writer, guru of the analogue and public enemy of the Internet, on the occasion of his birthday brings the whole family to his chalet in the mountains, and tries to finally create a bond between his two sons, Claudio (Eugenio Franceschini), an online poker player, and Giulio (Lorenzo Zurzolo), nerd and introvert high school student, with his second wife, the beautiful, young and a little ‘naive’ Margherita (Carolina Crescentini), pregnant in the seventh month. The group is joined by Achille (Ricky Memphis), a half-brother of Margherita just kicked out of his wife’s house, and Tea (Giulia

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“Il Figlio Sospeso”, Egidio Termine

CLICK HERE FOR THE PRESSBOOK The protagonist of the story loses his father Anturio at the age of only two years. The mother, Giacinta, makes sure that the memory, already faded of her father, is completely erased from her son’s memory, depriving him of stories and photographs concerning Anturio. The young Lauro grows with a paternal image modeled on his needs and therefore falsified in his objective affectivity. An event upsets the normal course of his daily life made of fears and uncertainties: he finds a clue that leads him to believe that his father had had a relationship in

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Birdboy: The Forgotten Children

  Abandoned on an island in a post-apocalyptic world, teenager Dinky and his friends put in place a dangerous plan to escape from the island in the hope of a better life. Meanwhile, his friend Birdboy has moved away from the world, persecuted by the police and tormented by demonic beings. But, unbeknownst to everyone, Birdboy hides a secret within himself that could change the world forever.    

AKEMARROPA, Ezekiel Montes

Akemarropa is a film that is improvised during the celebration of the Malaga Festival. It tells the experience of Elena, the actress protagonist of the film and tells the vicissitudes of a team of professionals who love cinema, actors, writers, editors, directors and producers, to carry on their project of short films. The work that has quality, but must pervert its integrity as a short film to achieve economic profitability, a fact that confronts the members of the team, who must ensure production with members who perform an artistic and creative work. Facing these professional frictions, the actress Elena Martinez

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Ci vuole un fisico, Alessandro Tamburini

An insecure and ugly boy; a lively and determined girl; a long night of adventures that will lead them to know each other and finally fall in love. These are the main ingredients of “It takes a physique”. Alessandro and Anna know each other by chance. Both would have a gallant appointment in a nice restaurant in the center, but both receive a hole from their partner. And so fate makes them meet. In the beginning Alexander can not stand that girl whom he considers ugly and intrusive. But during the night he will have the chance to get to

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Una Domenica Notte, Giuseppe Marco Albano

Directed by: Giuseppe Marco Albano Cast: Antonio Andrisani, Francesca Faiella, Ernesto Mahieux, Adolfo Margiotta, Anna Ferruzzo, Claudia Zanella Production: Camarda Film SYNOPSIS Antonio Colucci, as a boy, dreamed of becoming a great horror director, and he promised well. The first feature film reaches 26 years: for all it is a talent, but the productive travails relegate it to the home video market and the film only comes out in Germany. Then the marriage, a child and everyday life block him in his provincial town. Now 46 years old, Antonio is determined to make an account of his life: the dream

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Peggio per me, Riccardo Camilli

Directed by: Riccardo Camilli Cast: Riccardo Camilli, Claudio Camilli, Tania Angelosanto Production: Riccardo Camilli and McFly SYNOPSIS Rome, 1986 … Francesco and Carlo, two twelve-year-old classmates, instead of doing their homework, are grappling with tape players creating amusing “audioremix” of television commercials and films for adults … they laugh out loud, until Carlo’s mother, furious, interrupts them and separates them abruptly. 30 years later, Francesco is a forty-two who tried to build a normal, serene life, but in a few months he collapsed on him: his wife left him and he was forced to return to his mother, his 12-year-old

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Daitona, Lorenzo Giovenga

Twenty-four hours in the life of Loris Daitona. He is a dissolute Roman writer and former star of the literary scene, who had published his only novel when he was just sixteen: the best seller for teen-agers Ti Lovvo – I Luvve You. Ten years later, what happened to Loris Daitona? The comedic parabola of this day starts inside of an unknown pink bedroom in which Daitona wakes up without remembering anything of the previous night. He finds a blood stain on his helmet and a text on his phone reminding him to deliver a certain Red Sparrow at the

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