Who is abilis?

> Who is abilis?
Abilis Associazione di Cultura e Progresso, in collaboration with the Miff Foundation, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Ice, Cinecittà Luce and Anica, presents the second edition of Fiesta, the Italian-Spanish Film Festival of Palma de Mallorca, focused on the promotion of the new Italian and Spanish filmmakers with a first or second opera prima.
Distribution of a first or second film is a must for the independent Italian or Spanish filmmakers facing a distribution landscape characterized by a strong presence of mainstream films. The main objective of the Festival is to become the meeting point for new trends, innovation, originality and the search for new forms of expression of the most important young filmmakers from Italy and Spain. A meeting point for authors, producers, distributors, specialized press; and for the exchange of ideas and new proposals.
Distributors and producers from Spain and Italy have been invited to this 2nd edition with the aim of presenting their works and with the objective of promoting their films abroad.
The main objectives of the festival are:
1. To promote the Italian film production in Spain.
2. To promote the film production of Spain in Italy.
3. Support International Sales of Italian and Spanish distributors.
4. Support Italian and Spanish distributors in the promotion of their films.
5. Support co-production between Italy and Spain.
6. Promote the debate and analysis of the different incentives and subsidies available for international and multilateral co-production.